Questioning Christianity

Helping thinkers believe and helping believers think

Questioning Christianity is for seekers, skeptics and those exploring Christianity. We had an amazing group of speakers for this forum. You can share these videos with those who may be questioning and seeking. Thank you to all our speakers and to David Villarreal for facilitating each week.

Topic Schedule

  • Robb Wilson (Former Lecturer at UT; MS, PhD: University of Michigan): Science and Faith
  • Dr. Dennis Wilson (Retired UT Professor of Engineering): Is there Evidence for a Creator?
  • John Darms (Retired IT and Engineering): What's the Best Explanation for Reality?
  • Dr. Todd Howren (Molecular Biologist) The Sins of Family to Third and Fourth Generations: A Genetic Perspective
  • Ed LaBelle (Psalm 19 Astronomy Ministry): How Do The Heavens Declare the Glory of God?
  • Dr. Dennis Wilson (Retired UT Professor of Engineering): How unique are We in the Cosmos?
  • John Weber (Former Missionary to the Far East): Is there Evidence for Life After Death?
  • Dr. Ld Herzog (Anesthesiologist): Science and there conflict?
  • Amy Hardy (Teacher at New Braunfels Christian Academy): How do World Religions including Christianity explain our existence?

Are You Asking the Right Questions About Science and Faith?
Scientific Evidence for a Creator
What's the best explanation for Reality?
Using Science to Share the Beauty and Majesty of God's Creation.
The Sins of the Family to the 3rd and 4th Generations: A Genetic Perspective
Science and Faith Lectures: Fine Tuned Arguments Examined
Is There Evidence For Life After Death
Science and Genesis - Is There A Conflict
World Religions and Science Through a Biblical Worldview